Tuesday, June 28, 2011


For the past two days we have been watching our nephew Jake, who is not quite 2.

Jake doesn't have any brothers or sisters yet, so he's having fun with us. Jessie is gone to Camp, so it's all boys for the next week.

I have been watching TJ and David learn how to take care of a little person. The best thing is watching them show Jake how boys play. My boys know how to have fun - some might think these are bad things, but we're letting the boys be boys around here. Here are the lessons they are teaching Jake:

Lesson #1:
Blocks are more fun to play with if you throw them.

Lesson #2:
Beds are more fun if you jump on them, not nap in them.

Lesson #3:
Dinosaurs do not ever kiss people on the face. They roar.

Lesson #4:
Sticks are more fun if you turn them into swords.

Lesson #5:
The best lullaby is: "We will, we will ROCK YOU!!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

David random quote of the day

David decided he was going to be happy about cleaning his room and organizing things. This was a mother's dream. It only lasted about one afternoon.

Today he made an announcement:

"Yesterday I loved cleaning.
Today I love Cheese!"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stolen from an ad...

Where are you?
What are you doing?
Are you listening?
Paying attention?
Stay focused. 
Stop looking at your phone. 
Turn it off. 
Put it away. 
Be here. Now. 
In the present. 
Be with who you're with.
Talk with them. 
Live with them. 
Take some time. 
Do you understand who you are?
What you were called to do?
Pause. Take it in. 
What is your community?
Who is your community?
What does local mean to you?
Do you have a presence?
If your church left the community what would happen?
Would you have left a mark?
Lead in the place you're called to. 
Don't worry about the past.
The future will come later.
It's all about now. Here. 
Go all in.
Be rooted. 
When you're home, be home. 
Focus. Look at the big picture. 
Look at the small pictures. 
We need your undivided attention.