Thursday, August 15, 2013

I can think but I can't cook... random kid quotes for August

Last night I made supper, which is kind-of out of the ordinary (Tim's the cook). Tim was not feeling well and also came home late, so I thought I would cook chicken and dumplings to surprise him. I can never get the recipe quite right. Either the chicken is tender and the dumplings are tough, or vice versa. Needless to say, the kids were amazed that I was cooking. Apparently they were hesitant about the food quality.

At supper, David prayed, "Lord, please help Daddy get better, and the food, too."

This morning, TJ tried an experiment on me involving math patterns, countries, and animals. It started, "Pick a number from 1 - 5" and involved various steps of multiplication, choosing letters, etc.
Apparently a huge percentage of people guess predictable answers making it easy to work your magic by guessing their answer.

TJ tried it on me twice to no avail. He couldn't guess what I was thinking.

"TJ, you might as well stop," said Jessie. "Mommy just has an irregular mind."

Mommy's brain skills: 1  Mommy's cooking skills: 0