Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good weekend

We're back in the swing of things after last weekend. We went to spend some time at Dudley Hall's Family Reunion... which has for many years included both family and friends. We relaxed and enjoyed great teaching from some of our favorites: Dudley Hall, Kenny Thacker, Alan Wright and T.D. Hall.

And of course, some great music. The Lawson kids even sang a little on Saturday afternoon. I wanted to wait to write this blog until I had video to upload... but alas... I am technically challenged and must depend on the mercies of others who know about such things.

The best thing was being able to hear from apostolic voices in the faith who are on the forefront of what God is doing and saying. The basic theme was how to distinguish between the American Gospel and the New Testament Gospel. The big picture, what God is doing in the church right now, is finally putting to rest the prosperity gospel and bringing clarity to passages such as Mark 10:24-30 (rich young ruler).

There was much talk about David Platt's new book Radical. It was highly recommended. However, I like what Kenny Thacker said. Basically, it should be read by someone with the maturity to understand our acceptance in Christ. If not, it will make you think you're not saved.

Here's a piece of good advice from Kenny:
"Everyone should read Radical. But, before everyone reads Radical, everyone should read The Prodigal God by Tim Keller." I couldn't agree more!


  1. Do you think I could borrow The Prodigal God from you?

  2. Sure! I will carry it around with me and most likely will see you sometime this weekend. If I forget and you get tired of waiting for me, they have a copy at the library, too!