Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prayer Points for Japan - from the field!

Here are some prayer points straight from Nathan and Inge Mikaelsen - missionaries to Japan who lived in Sendai, right where the earthquake hit. Recently they came to our church to give a testimony of what is happening in Japan and to give us some specific prayer points. Here's a copy of the list for all my prayerful friends:


1. For a national awakening in Japan - a turning to the true Triune God.

2. For relief workers to share not only food and physical supplies in Tohoku, but also comfort for the grieving, and Jesus' words of hope.

3. For the nuclear power plant workers in Fukushima trying to control radiation leaks. For especially the 6 Christian workers there, to receive divine wisdom for this critical job.

4. For Caleb and Ohara working with CRASH relief efforts. For Dean and Linda Bengsten, and Roger Olson and others who will soon join the relief effort in Ishinomaki city. For Paul Mikaelsen and his girlfriend Nina Tesaker who may soon go to Japan to help.

5. For damaged churches in Tohoku to be rebuilt and more churches planted.

For more information about the Mikaelsens, look here.

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