Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011

"It is more wonderful to believe that there is a hell - but that we can be saved from it, than to deny it exists at all and live as if we have not been rescued."


  1. I agree. Here's an undeveloped thought if you're interested: One of the reasons I believe in hell is it seems that it MUST be so...based on the most fundamental law or manifestation. Heaven is all the more heaven because hell is hell. Darkness is meaningless if there is no such thing as light, and vice-verse. Hell is about the awesome gravity of what it is to be eternal being created in the image of God. We are capable of more pain, and thus more divine pleasure than we are even able to imagine. To say that hell doesn't exist removes our dignity.

  2. Yes. And good news is not good news.... if there is no bad news. Jesus only makes sense as a Savior if there is something to be saved from.

    This came from a discussion with a Buddhist who was totally against the idea of hell. He believed it was total myth. I agreed that there was some myths about it (purgatory... etc.) but couldn't deny the existence of it.

    Just surprised at how this is such a stumbling block for many people, even Christians. I'm like you, it seems only logical, when we (as humans) are very comfortable with ideas of right and wrong, good and evil, why not an eternity that expresses these oppositions as well?

    The new book, "Erasing Hell" by Francis Chan [confirming the existence of hell], seems to be written in response to "Love Wins" by Rob Bell [denying]. Have you read either one?