Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More good thoughts for ministry and life.

From a conference advertisement. Wise words:

Distraction has become the new norm. 
We get caught up with what happened yesterday and are preoccupied with what may happen tomorrow. Our attention is too often focused on what is happening "out there". In the same moment, we are talking on the phone, replying to an email, updating our status and checking the latest headline. We commit to be in too many places at once. And those right in our midst are hurting. Brokenness exists all around you. Right now. 

As leaders, we must be present. It's our responsibility to embrace what God has put squarely in front of us, and take action where we are. 

Being present requires time, space, and place. Eye to eye focus. Undivided attention. Messy moments of inconvenience. A willingness to lay down everything else to pay attention to who is in front of you. Listening, caring, and loving. Putting down roots in a specific place. Leading where you are. 

We need more presence. With our Savior, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our city, our teams, our circle of influence. We must show up and be in the moment.

Lead now. Influence big. Change the conversation. Your presence matters. God desires to use you for something momentous today.

Lead well. 
Be rooted. 
You are responsible.

Be present.


  1. Wonderful reminder, beautifully stated!

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  3. I agree. Jim Cofield of Crosspoint Ministries said: "The most powerful thing we bring to the table in ministry is our transformed presence." Thank you for this post, Anne!